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Plastic Surgery Healing

Surgery Recovery Girdle

Plastic Surgery Healing is your source for the latest is Plastic Surgery recovery techniques, garments, and pre-surgery articles to ensure you have a successful surgery experience. 

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  1. Deb #

    I have had the DIEP procedure which is essentially taking a tummy tuck and using that flesh to form breast mounds. I sleep in a recliner as the bed is too painful yet. Maybe in another week, I’ll be ready. My drains have all been removed, but my stomach is too tight. The doctor mentioned trying a compression garment, but I’m not sure what to look at or where to look. I would appreciate guidance. Thank you!


    June 18, 2013
    • I believe what you are looking for is compression wear that is ideal for use after Natural Fat Transfer to the breasts as well as a Tummy Tuck. Contemporary Design Inc.’s Abdominoplasty Body Shaper, SC-25 should fit the bill. Due to its built-in bra and side zipper design, the Abdominoplasty Body Shaper provides moderate support for the breasts and ensures uniform, uninterrupted compression over the full abdominal area. Made of ultra comfortable Sateen fabric, this garment features a fully contoured fit and hook and eye closure beneath a single, side zipper for easy application. SC-25 features a reclosable crotch design, reinforced outside seams and a back reinforcement panel for added support and compression.


      June 25, 2013

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