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How do you reduce bruising after liposuction?

SC-810Used in conjunction with your compression garment, Sculptures Liposuction Foam are positioned over the liposuction treated areas to evenly distribute the pressure and minimize folds or creases. It is ideal for arms, chins, abdomen, thighs or any area where uniform healing is necessary.

The benefits are:

  • Less waviness in the skin surface – Free fat cells are thought to be redistributed evenly by the pressure of the foam plus the pressure garment. The result is a smoother skin surface with less waviness.
  • A more comfortable recovery – Sculptures Liposuction Foam is also comfortable under the compression garment and there is less immediate postoperative tenderness.
  • Less blood loss and ecchymoses – The use of the Sculptures liposuction foam, in conjunction with the garment, results in less postoperative bleeding and bruising. In turn, there is a decrease in the amount of postoperative fall in hematocrit. With less of a drop in hematocrit and hemoglobin, there is also less postoperative anemia. The mechanism involved in the reduction in blood loss is thought to be a combination of overcoming capillary pressure and stabilization of the skin and subsurface blood vessels.

The combination reduces swelling and bruising dramatically.  A bruise occurs when red blood cells leak out of blood vessels and move toward the skin surface. The application of foam directly onto skin beneath a compression garment, tightly compresses the skin’s collagen fibers and prevents bruising by minimizing the movement of red blood cells from the liposuction wound toward the surface of the skin.

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