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Does Arnica Montana prevent bruising, post surgery?

arnica montana 12xThe best way to prevent bruising after surgery is with good surgical technique ie. stop the bleeding so there is no bruising.

For centuries, Arnica Montana, a mountain daisy, has been a part of botanical medicine, known for its vulnerary action.

What is a vulnerary? A vulnerary is a herbal remedy which helps bring about healing in wounds and inflammation.

Helenalin, the plant’s main active component, interferes with the regulation of genes coding for many inflammatory mediators at a very low cytosol concentration. Swelling and pain from inflammation are, thereby, reduced. Among other components, polysaccharides stimulate phagocytosis and reduce bruising.  Doctors and pharmacists recommend it in more than 25 countries throughout the world. Generations of athletes, trainers and parents have long enjoyed the relief Arnica Montana provides.

Despite it’s long history there are few good clinical studies on the use of this homeopathic herb, for minimizing swelling and bruising with surgery. Although it is hard to make a strong case for using it based on science, there is evidence that it is a useful homeopathic and herbal remedy. The use of Anica Montana to decrease bruising and swelling and thus improve post surgical results; is a discussion you must have with your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Using Arnica Montana or any herbal supplement must be disclosed.  DO NOT hide the use of any herbal supplements.

Come Fly With Me

flySo you’re getting ready for a quick business trip, or a long anticipated vacation? I always wished I’d arrive looking as put together as Barbie, instead of looking like I fell asleep in a Laundromat.
How do you make the most of it? Get there raring to go, avoid the jet lag, the aches and cramps?
Here are two best practices that even Barbie could appreciate…

If you travel a lot you know how hard it is to work a fitness regime into your schedule. But you also probable know how much better you feel, both physically and mentally, if you stick to that schedule.
• Before your trip, research the hotel or nearby fitness facilities and pack accordingly.
• Keep easy to roll and pack exercise clothing, swimsuit, sneakers and jump rope, etc. in your suitcase when you store it…then the excuse of not having time to pull them together or the missing bathing suit bottom need not be an issue.
• On vacation, consider consulting hotel staff about renting in-line skates or bicycles for a family bike ride.
• Wear your athletic shoes when you travel, no packing. Strolling through the airport or running for a taxi will be a breeze.

If jet lag or schedule changes leave you exhausted, make your travel workout shorter or lighter than usual. Listen to your body.
Remember, regular exercise can help reduce stress and feelings of low energy, which might be just what you need when they call, “Come Fly with Me”.
Be committed to the prevention of deep vein thrombosis, or DVT.
What does that mean? By simply packing an extra pair of socks…. Wearing graduated compression Travel Socks, you can help prevent a blood clot from forming, and could possibly save your life. Crazy but true!

What Causes Deep Vein Thrombosis?
In simplest terms: Inactivity causes blood flow to slow in the deep veins of the lower legs…
• Deep Vein Thrombosis can strike any long-distance traveler–regardless of physical condition, age, or gender.
• DVT is not just confined to those flying economy class. First-class passengers are also at risk, as are long-distance auto and rail travelers, and anyone who is immobile for a long period of time, traveling or not..

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis?
Deep Vein Thrombosis is a blood clot (thrombosis) that forms in the deep vein system of the lower leg–usually between the ankle and the upper calf. The condition is serious, potentially fatal, and very difficult to diagnose by external examination.

The Travel Essential That Protects Your Health And Energizes Your Legs. Jobst Travel Socks are specially designed to counteract the effects of inactivity during travel by using gradient compression.
Where do you get these miraculous  accessories? Jobst Travel Socks are high-quality knee length socks, specially developed for fashion-and health-conscious men and women. They are available in five sizes – based on shoe size and ankle and calf measurements.

I ordered mine on line from Contemporary Design Inc., a site for compression garments.
A small investment to make my legs feel like they look like Barbie’s!!Jobst Travel Socks

Where do I find Post Op Compression Garments?

1-perfectfitContemporary Design Inc. has been proud to set a standard of excellence in the compression garments and post-op garment industry since 1986. By offering a full line of well-designed compression garments, a range of sizes up to 3X, and our exclusive Expander Sizer, Contemporary Design Inc. ensures our garments are a Perfect Fit for you and your patients. And, with our ability to offer outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and same-day shipping, CDI is indeed the Perfect Fit for all of your facility’s post-op needs.


Contemporary Design’s wide range of post surgical compression garments has been shown to support uniform skin shrinkage, an increase in venous and lymphatic drainage, and a noticeable reduction in wound edema. Our fabrics, including the exciting edition of our newest line, Sculptures, are latex-free and provide a comfortable, lightweight fit that ensures universal compression. Ultimately, these fabrics, combined with innovative garment engineering and extensive market research, enhance the results of cosmetic, corrective and contouring procedures.

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