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Does Arnica Montana prevent bruising, post surgery?

arnica montana 12xThe best way to prevent bruising after surgery is with good surgical technique ie. stop the bleeding so there is no bruising.

For centuries, Arnica Montana, a mountain daisy, has been a part of botanical medicine, known for its vulnerary action.

What is a vulnerary? A vulnerary is a herbal remedy which helps bring about healing in wounds and inflammation.

Helenalin, the plant’s main active component, interferes with the regulation of genes coding for many inflammatory mediators at a very low cytosol concentration. Swelling and pain from inflammation are, thereby, reduced. Among other components, polysaccharides stimulate phagocytosis and reduce bruising.  Doctors and pharmacists recommend it in more than 25 countries throughout the world. Generations of athletes, trainers and parents have long enjoyed the relief Arnica Montana provides.

Despite it’s long history there are few good clinical studies on the use of this homeopathic herb, for minimizing swelling and bruising with surgery. Although it is hard to make a strong case for using it based on science, there is evidence that it is a useful homeopathic and herbal remedy. The use of Anica Montana to decrease bruising and swelling and thus improve post surgical results; is a discussion you must have with your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Using Arnica Montana or any herbal supplement must be disclosed.  DO NOT hide the use of any herbal supplements.

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