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The Post Baby Body

Baby Bump

Hooray for Baby Prince George! ….And Dad and Mom, and the real look that Kate has shared of her Post Baby Body!

Giving birth is the biggest gift of all and if a lump or bump, a few stretch marks, or some extended curves are the price to pay…than by all means, it’s a bargain!!  But new Moms deserve to feel well supported and pulled together.  Immediately after delivering — and up until six weeks postpartum —gentle compression on stretched abdominal muscles is comforting.   Her busy schedule, lack of sleep, and possible postpartum blues make “feeling yourself” a challenge for any new mother. everydaywearlargefeature (1)

New moms are getting some much-deserved help with comfy shapewear, like Sculptures Everyday Shapewear.  Designed to guide your body back to its pre-baby form, or to its next incarnation… Sculptures Everyday Shapewear keeps everything in place; while encouraging proper posture and supporting the lower back.

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