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Miss Bum Bum, Brazil’s annual “Booty” Pageant

CDI Brazilian Body Shaper SC-290B

Contemporary Design, Inc. Brazilian Body Shaper SC-290B

The Olympics are upon us and obviously training a life time is not unusual for these talented athletes, at the peak of their game.
Dedication and sacrifice were also part of the regimen and lifestyle for 2013 Miss Bum Bum winner Dai Macedo who sports a 42” derriere. The Miss Bum Bum, Brazil’s annual “Booty” Pageant picks Twenty-seven bums to represent the 27 states of Brazil. Online voting selects 15 female finalists with the finest bottoms to be found. The ladies then compete for an approximate $18,000 prize, bragging rights, and product endorsements.
Want to feel like a contender?
A Buttock Augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift may lie in your future. Unlike silicone implants, Natural Fat Transfer uses your own fat cells, collected from unsightly areas of the thigh, hips, abdomen and back and re-positions them in the buttocks. The resulting look, (often accompanied by a little liposuction), is a fuller, firmer more curvaceous derriere. The procedure is more natural, long lasting, with less chance of rejection by the body.  Recovery is a couple weeks off your bottom and in an appropriate compression garment.
Ideal for use after butt implants and Brazilian Butt Lift procedures as well as any natural fat transfer to the buttocks… Contemporary Design’s Brazilian Body Shapers are designed with gluteal cutouts providing full compression to the surrounding areas. This garment offers built-in relief for the buttocks to ensure there is no compression or collapse of the implantation area. Made with Sateen fabric for the ultimate in compression and comfort. Designed with outside seams, hook and eye closure, and an open crotch.

See you in São Paolo in November for the final competition!

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