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What does Gravity have to do with Well Being?

PostureSince the body is top heavy, much broader on top than at the base, it is greatly affected by gravity.  The human body feels the effect of the earth’s gravitational field more than any other physical force.   As we grow older, we often “shrink” in height and slowly lose flexibility.  Our bones stay the same length and our muscles can still function, but the connective tissue, the glue, feels the effects of illness, injury, emotional stress and traumas – well as gravitational force.   For example, when someone sprains an ankle you protect it, placing your weight onto the other foot, shifting your posture. This results in changing the entire body’s relationship to the gravitational field, and the neuromuscular system is altered in the process.  When healing is complete things do not shift back as before – the structural integrity of the body has been slightly altered.  With all of life’s obstacles: injury, weight gain, pregnancy, carrying heavy objects the structural integrity of the body lengthening and opening the patterns in the connective tissue to “cope”. Alignment becomes sloppy, resulting in poor posture and pain. A refocus on proper posture adds height and relieves pain when all organs and skeletal structure start to return to their proper position.  Think string pulling up through the body and through the top of your head, puppet style…aligning the body once again. Fight gravity and improve posture:  Sculptures Shapewear with comfortable invisible control gives you the look of a flattened stomach, slimmer thighs, and curvier curves.  You look better which makes you feel better!  The supportive control seems to improve posture and attitude, use this as motivation to develop a healthier lifestyle with good eating and exercise.Everyday1

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