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The Knifeless Facelift

Lazerlift is an in office laser procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia, fillers or sutures to tighten loose, aging skin.

Tightening and smoothing of the skin is visible almost immediately after the procedure, however, the skin continues to tighten for several months following the procedure. Full results are achieved anywhere from 4 to 6 months post-procedure.

“The LazerLift is the first procedure that tightens the facial skin and underlying supporting tissues without a scalpel,” says cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Bassin. “Using a new fiber-optic laser device, the LazerLift  tightens and smoothes the skin from the inside out, safely and effectively. The LazerLift is done with the patient awake, with no stitches and no scars,” says Bassin.

CDI UCO-120 Facial and Otoplasty Band

UCO-120 Facial and Otoplasty Band, ideal for the Laser Neck Lift and Laser Neck Tightening, providing firm support to the area or under the chin. This 3” wide soft elastic band a brushed finish for enhanced patient comfort. The band is easy to apply and has Velcro® closure for adjustability.

laser technology developed by Cynosure (the manufacturer) the LazerLift can help tighten both the skin and the underlying SMAS layer without the pain, risks, and downtime associated with extensive incisions and sutures.

Laser Neck Lift Recovery

No stitches, the skin on the face and neck is not cut. Recovery is very quick because of that. Patients can usually drive themselves home after the procedure and are back to their daily routines almost immediately. A head wrap must be worn for 3-5 days following the procedure to aid in recovery.

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