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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month – when you purchase any BRA from Contemporary Design, Inc. in the month of October, a portion of your sale will be donated to Making Strides. Even a little bit can help to make a big difference! 

More than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors live in the United States. They are survivors of the 2nd most-common cancer in women and survival rates continue to climb due to better treatments and increased screening that finds cancer when they are most treatable.

Most breast cancer (about 85%) occurs in women who have no family history of breast cancer. Having AWARENESS, women can be knowledgeable about warning signs, know the importance of self-exams, treatment options and second options, they are better prepared than ever before confronting a breast cancer diagnosis.

Getting a mammogram can help reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer by 30-40% among women ages 40-70. Breast Cancer deaths have been declining since 1990 thanks for early detection, better screening, increased awareness, and new treatment options.

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