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A Hot Bath – the road to recovery


Taking a bath is a relaxation technique that is beneficial in so many ways.  It decreases cortisol levels that can be brought on by stressful situations. This is helpful on many levels.  First, cortisol causes fat to be stored around your middle. Second, cortisol increases inflammation. It is important to include things in your daily routine to reduce cortisol. This is especially important because we live in a culture that induces cortisol just by participating in daily life. Taking a bath also decreases fatigue and benefits your nervous system. Baths increase your circulation and lowers blood pressure. For optimum benefit this is what I recommend (although, always ask your doctor if this is a good idea for you).

Harmony Bath(20 minutes each day in a hot bath)

-2 Cups Epsom Salts
-1 Cup Baking Soda
-10 Drops Organic Lavender Oil

There are many benefits to the Harmony Bath. First the Lavender relaxes the nervous system and lowers cortisol levels. The Epsom Salt enhances the effects of the detox. The baking soda promotes a balanced pH for optimum healing and detox benefits.

Of course, it goes without saying that the bathroom environment should be supportive and nurturing. That is, take some time to make it pretty and inviting. Your experience will be less beneficial if you are looking at piles of laundry in the corner and are reminded of your to-do list instead of enjoying the blissful 20-minute restorative experience.

And as a bonus…add a little cold therapy with CDI  Soft-sided Gel Packs.  Placed on the eyes, it ensures relaxation, decreases puffiness and brights appearance.  These little soothers are also ideal for a variety of cold therapy applications, such as use after injections, blepharoplasty and breast surgeries.

pink_gelpack tubThese sturdy, reusable gel packs remain flexible when frozen and provide uniform cold therapy.  The ultimate patient-friendly cold therapy product!  Features one soft-sided surface that shields the skin from direct contact with the frozen pack.  These 4″ round gel packs offer a convenient, comfortable and economical cold therapy application for patients.

Colors: Pink Ice, Kiwi, Cool Blue, Mango, Grape and Vanilla – match the bathroom!

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Therma Therapy – an Answer to Pregnancy and Childbirth Pain

Contemporary Design, Inc. therma therapy is a natural way of dealing with Pregnancy and Childbirth pain.

Contemporary Design, Inc. therma therapy is a natural way of dealing with Pregnancy and Childbirth pain.

Throughout history nurses  and midwifery staff have found therma therapy a natural way of dealing with Pregnancy and Childbirth pain.


Reduces pain to any tender muscles, neck hips and back (use cool or heated).

Utalizing Cold Gel Packs lowers body temperature and promotes comfort in the warmer months.

Safe, non-toxic, an alternative to analgesia for treating headaches.


For perineal pain and breast engorgement we recommend Contemporary Design Inc.’s Round Soft-sided gel packs, T-450 or T-460 because they remain flexible when frozen.

Reduces pain and swelling after episiotomy, lessens perineal pain and aids healing, and provides comfort for haemorrhoids

T-460 Oval Hot/Cold Pack – (10.25 in. x 5.25 in.) is perfect for use on the lower abdomen following a cesarean section.

Contemporary Design Inc.’s gel packs are applied in the following way:

The skin must be shielded from direct contact. Twenty to thirty minutes should be the maximum time per area. If it is necessary to reapply, let the skin go to normal temperature or wait twenty minutes.CONTEMPORARY DESIGN, INC. HOT/COLD THERAPY

a)Held on-site by hand, t he soft sided gel pack is the ultimate patient-friendly cold therapy product!  Features one soft-sided surface that shields the skin from direct contact with the frozen pack.

b) Contemporary Design Inc.’s T-400, T-410, or T-430 can be inserting between clothing or inserted into sanitary napkins, giving considerable relief of pain and achieving faster CONTEMPORARY DESIGN, INC. HOT/COLD THERAPYambulation.

The Mommy Headache

Aiden lovingly serenades Momma back to good health….

What else can you do?

At the first sign of a headache or migraine, put your activities on hold and retreat to solitude, a quiet room.

Turn off the lights. Sensitivity to light and sound is amplified with headache or migraine. Relax in a dark, Sleep if you can.

Hot or Cold therapy has long been the number one self-care treatment employed for headaches and migraines. Apply hot or cold compresses to your head or neck. Cold packs have a numbing effect, which may dull the sensation of pain. Hot packs  can relax tense muscles.  Here’s one that does both!!

CDI T-450 Blue 7”x6” Hot and Cold Soft Side Therapy Gel Pack…This reusable gel pack can be used for  Hot (microwave/stovetop) or Cold therapy.contemporary design inc. T-450-Blue-7___x6___-Hot-and-Cold-Soft-Side-Therapy-Gel-Pack

Great size for use  after injections or a variety of surgeries. Features one soft-sided surface that shields the skin from direct contact with the frozen pack and radius edges for patient comfort.

There are three benefits that ice pack provided. First, puffy eyes are common among individuals. Skin around our eyes is easy to loosely attached and lack of any sebaceous glands. When you apply cold pack around your eyes, it will help the fluids accumulating in your eyes tissues work well and help you get rid of puffy eyes. Second, when you get sinus and migraine headache pains, ice pack can help you reduce pains and make you feel better as It can low the temperature of your head and help you recover sooner. Third, ice pack can help you heal your injury in the cold. Because cold can constricts blood vessels and thus reduce blood flow and swelling around the injured area. Using ice pack can help limit your tissue damage and help your body recover. But remember remove ice pack after a brief cooling period as your skin is sensitive and don’t used to the cold condition. So when you want a speedy healing process, you should apply ice pack for ten minutes and put it off for ten minutes. Repeat this cycle several times during the day to help decrease further damage.

Looking Your Best For The Holidays

Cold therapy for injectable treatments

Cold therapy for injectable treatments

October is here and the holidays are right around the corner. Seasonal parties and family get togethers will require you to look your best.  With all you have on your to-do list it, you may think it hard to find the time needed to pamper yourself and be all-that-you-can-be.  With today’s technology, it’s easier than you think.  The answer: Injectable Treatments.

Look younger, more rested, glowing…in just minutes. Botox or Dysport can be called on to smooth out those little fine lines or  wrinkles.   Juvederm, Radiesse, and other “fillers” are ideal for erasing or eliminating wrinkles, giving some “plump” to sagging skin, or addressing under eye circles, bags or hollows.  Affordable combo-treatments can prove effective, almost a “liquid facelift”…with no down time.  Typically in less than 15 minutes, these non-surgical procedures can produce results that are visible immediately and last for months.  The Chill-O Soft-sided Gel Pack is ideal for  cold therapy applications,  after injections, minimizing swelling and bruising.  Give yourself an early present; be holiday-ready in no time!

Your eyes, windows to aging?


In the 1950’s the free radical theory of aging (FRTA) was discovered. It states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. These in turn can start a chain reaction, interacting, and disrupting cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Following this, cells may function poorly or die.
To prevent free radical damage, the body has a defense system of antioxidants.  Antioxidants are molecules which can safely interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction before vital molecules are damaged.  The principle micronutrient (vitamin) antioxidants are vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.
In your 20’s and 30’s you see little effects of aging, but free radicals are at work. The eyes are often the first age related area of complaint on the face. They break down and damage skin around the eyes; causing loss of collagen and elastin.
Protecting the skin around the eyes early on can prevent damage later. Eat right. Get enough sleep. Develop an effective beauty routine; including make-up removal and Eye cream, night and day. Limit sun exposure; use SPF sunscreen and sunglasses for UV rays. Use cold therapy for dry eyes, headaches or sinuses, and puffy eyes. Have your eyesight tested regularly, to avoid squinting, which can cause fine lines and crows feet.
Eyes age at different rates, due to genetics, bone structure, skin quality and the effects of the sun.
Cosmetic surgery may be the ultimate solution to addressing signs of aging around the eyes. Options include:
Blepharoplasty of the Lower Lids: Eliminates drooping Basset-hound eyes. Wrinkled crepe like skin under the eyes is pulled up and cut off, stitched along the line of the lower lashes and directly below the pink part or conjunctiva.
Blepharoplasty of the Upper Lids: Drooping Hooded Eyelids. Incision made in the fold of the lid, excess fat or skin is removed, tiny stitches to close incision.
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

― Benjamin Franklin250px-Benjamin_Franklin_by_Joseph-Siffred_Duplessis

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