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Wait – Is This Inside Out??? What’s So Special About Surgical Compression Wear Anyway!?!

Compression Wear is designed for Postoperative needs

Compression Wear is designed for Postoperative needs: –with outside seams,
exterior labels, and hook & eye beneath zippers for easy application

Why are compression garments important to the success of my surgery?

These garments are designed to protect what is inside!

-No scratchy tags inside to irritate the already sensitive skin.

-No indents visible on the skin from the impression of an inside seam.

-No undue stress to the incision site while zipping into the garment.

Wearing a high quality post-op compression garment can help you during the recovery process in the following ways: To provide uniform radial compression and support to aid recovery. Wearing a compression garment designed for your particular procedure will minimize bruising and swelling (edema), increase blood circulation in the affected area and aid in flushing fluids and toxins at the incision site. The compression from the garment will hold skin firmly in place, aiding in proper skin retraction and intended body contouring. In addition, outside seams on the garment, will prevent the garment seams from leaving indentations on the skin. Improve your comfort during healing process- A proper fit and lightweight, breathable material will make you more comfortable when wearing the garment for extended periods of time …this aids compliance and speeds recovery.

Why can’t I wear active wear, traditional foundations or shapewear?

It is essential that the compression garment worn during the recovery period provides uniform radial compression, something that is not found in a standard girdle or shaper. Shapers, tights, girdles and jog bras also do not have inside flat seams, tags on the outside of the garment – away from the skin, an open crotch, and are not intended for around the clock, 24-hour use. You need a garment that is non m-marking, specifically designed to compress the skin for surgical purposes and that is comfortable for the length of your recovery. Your compression garment acts as your “second skin.”

Contemporary Design, Inc. introduces the foundation to your 2012-13 Fall / Winter wardrobe

                                                                                                                                                                       Contemporary Design, Inc. introduces the foundation to your Fall / Winter wardrobe.                                                                                   

………..Elegance and luxury are mixed

Extravagant mixture of plain and luxurious aspects. Silhouettes are based on reduced styles, materials’ mix, beautiful finishing details and perfect styling. Understatement



An unexpected mix of Darks and Neutrals:

Beige, camel, French roast brown, flannel, OXBLOOD, muted warm or cool browns to foggy grayed greens, as well as black and blue, navy and slate blue. finishing with a dark chocolate and graphite Slate gray and mauve shades,

A continuation of the influence of Orange: Gold, copper, heather, hay and olive.


leather in Oxblood, cognac and brown shades, fur and feathers, sheepskin, embroideries, mixed textures, color blocking,

Every Contemporary Design Inc.’s Sculptures garment is designed to slim and tone every woman’s body, making her look slimmer and feel sexier, eliminating panty lines, bumps or any other imperfection; hence Sculptures Compression Wear is an essential wardrobe basics every woman should own!  Designed to be worn each and every day as a foundation to their Fashion, the effects of Sculptures Compression Wear are dramatic for the user, both physically and mentally. Sculptures gives you a boost of confidence and still allows the body to bend and move, no pitching or riding.

There are many types of Sculptures garments to choose from. We have styles that work great with dresses, pants, and every outfit in your wardrobe.

  DARK ROMANCE Black is no longer alone. Dark themes continue, particularly black and Blue, with feathers, mixed materials, heavily oiled leathers, and race-car lines.  Enter the Subversive Romantic.

  The perfect underlayment, Sculptures sleek black bodyshaper with legs.

Classic, curvy and waist defining – Hour Glass figures are having a moment. Synched waists, Peplums and exaggerated hips and shoulders all play to everything feminine.     

 The hour glass silhouette remains key for Fall and Winter, the waist has returned! Whether on a belted swing coat, a curvy dress or pencil skirt, the emphasis is on the waist. The dresses for fall/winter of 2012/2013 are sexier and edgier and well fitted, but not skin tight — dresses will remain comfortable. The hem line is mid knee to well below the knee.


Cropped Pant Suit with Layers and Print..

The print pant suit continues into Fall as a dominate trend.A new proportion to the three piece suit…pant then skirt then jacket appears, looking long and lean.

Heals add height and elongate the look.  Not your Mom’s matchy-matchy outfit; Chanel featured Black and Blue combinations taking the trend to the dark side. 



Oversized Coat –( )…the convex silhouette

2012/2013 is a season more about shape, structure, and silhouette, rather than exploitation of one hot color, designer, or accessory.  The Oversized coat, a statement maker, falls into that category.  Unique shape, often a cocoon back, exaggerated shoulder, extended very wide arms, rounded shoulders or big face framing collar give a sculptural treatment to keeping warm.

 Nothing is more elegant than an oversized coat.


Shakespeare’s England-   Brocade is the gold thread running through the season.  Coupled with placed fur trim Fall gets the Royal Treatment.


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