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Muffin Tops Belong On Muffins


It’s the New Year, so time for a New You…and the obligatory quest to loose some pounds and that dreaded “muffin top”.  But can muffins be a healthy part of a new diet plan, based on a sound breakfast to start the day?  Rather than “the low fat muffin”  remake the home baked.  Most fat in muffins comes from plant oils, which is a  “good” fat—an unsaturated fat that is healthy for the heart. If you take out fat, what’s left? White flour and sugar—the perfect recipe for weight gain.  Instead of buying low fat muffins, modify your recipe…muffin top

1. Downsize the portions.

2. Go whole on the grains.

3. Incorporate fruits or nuts.

Go for the Muffin Makeover – maybe the Whole Wheat Banana Muffin!  In the meantime, give Sculptures everyday wear a try too….Does wonders for that other muffin top.

The Sculptures Everyday Wear garment is designed to slim and tone.  It hides little bulges, mainly the muffin top, the back, stomach and thighs and creates a smooth line.  If there is too much fat, the shapeware will move it somewhere else, so fit is key.

Designed to flatten the stomach and sculpt the torso, derriere, midriff and in some cases thighs – all is accomplished with no visible seams. Compression shapewear looks great under slim fitting dresses, skirts and tight shirts and yes, even form fitting pants.

Returning to Wellness Following a C-Section can be enhanced by the use of a Postpartum Girdle.

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

holiday-eating-caution-sign-300x215You may have worked hard throughout the year to manage your weight, eat healthy, and exercise…but then comes the Thanksgiving-to-New Year’s holiday season. 

The average person consumes about 4,000 calories on Thanksgiving, two times the daily calories the average person needs. You’ve barely recovered from the turkey and those trimmings; and now this month is one long, tempting food fest designed to make you gain weight.  There are treats and food at work, at school, at church…the parties…the family gatherings.  Winter is here, (well almost), with weather that pulls you inside and promotes snuggling, not swimming or hiking or tennis. And did I mention Holiday Stress and lack of sleep?
With all the Whirl Wind of the Holidays, how do you watch your Diet and practice a Fitness Regiment?
Know that emotions are a trigger to over eating.  We eat in response to feelings — and the holidays can be full of both positive and negative.  We eat to remember, we eat to forget.  Although understanding why you eat can offer some measure of control, experts say it’s also important to enter each event, each potential food fest, with a plan for how to handle the temptation. Need not be Scrooge, join in the merriment, but with logic, and leave the extra 15 pounds on Santa, not you.
Not the best time to start a diet, but it is critical that you make Healthy Choices.  Stay on track. 

Sample those special sweets…a bite, not a plate full. 

Party snacks are small but have a big punch.  Look for the crudities, fruit and cheese…grab a small handful of nuts.
Moderation…maybe a cranberry punch will tickle your HoHo instead of that rich egg nog. 
Absolutely Stylish, A Small Plate Holiday Party instead of a four course dinner….and you’ll still fit into that little Black Dress for New Year’s
And don some layers and head outdoors.  Fresh air and a brisk walk does wonders for the whole of you.
Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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