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Sleep Wrinkles And Aging Skin


Goesel Anson, MD, FACS, Michael A.C. Kane, MD, and Val Lambros, MD, FACS, published an article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (September 2016) in which they discuss the role of sleep wrinkles in aging skin, which differ from expression wrinkles in that they are caused by mechanical compression, shear and stress forces that act on the skin in sleep positions. They performed a literature review relating to the development of wrinkles and the biomechanical changes that occur in response to intrinsic and extrinsic influences, and explored the possibility that compression during sleep not only results in wrinkles, but may contribute to facial skin expansion.

Because sleep wrinkles differ from expression wrinkles in mechanism of origin (external forces vs. internal muscle contraction), location (at the limits of retaining ligaments vs. site of muscle contraction), and directionality (mostly perpendicular to each other), the authors suggest reconsidering wrinkle classification and posit that facial distortion during sleep may also contribute to overall facial aging. They note that with age, the number of position shifts during sleep decreases from 27 to 16 per night, with an average of 20 position shifts per night, meaning the time spent in each position increases with age.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons would benefit from recognizing sleep wrinkles as distinct from expression wrinkles with a different etiology, and potentially grouping them with gravitational wrinkles since they develop due to external forces and are influenced by ligamentous attachments. Unfortunately, treatment options for wrinkles caused by sleep are more limited than those for expression lines; the authors suggest that the only reliable way to minimize sleep wrinkles is to avoid facial distortion. In their practices, they recommend back sleeping and specialty pillows designed to minimize facial deformation during sleep. They suggest advising patients to avoid sleep compression in addition to the typical suggestions for minimizing signs of aging, i.e., using sunscreen, quitting smoking, optimizing nutrition and maximizing topical skin care.

“While avoiding the development of sleep wrinkles may be important, it is the facial distortion and its potential impact on overall facial aging that may be even more important,” the authors wrote. “The consequence of repetitive stretching of facial tissue over time is intriguing and warrants further study.”

Can Pain put Wrinkles on Your Face?

I am having my knees replaced next week and getting around right now is about as pleasant as being sat on by an elephant.  I constantly have this winced expression on my face, due to pain… which has created what is know as  “#11” wrinkles between my eyes.  So attractive.

Anything chemical is out due to pre-surgery restrictions, and  I know healthy eating and exercise will help reduce the situation eventually.  But, I wanted to share this no-harm moisturizing massage technique that I found. 

A little magnesium may not hurt either.

Looking Your Best For The Holidays

Cold therapy for injectable treatments

Cold therapy for injectable treatments

October is here and the holidays are right around the corner. Seasonal parties and family get togethers will require you to look your best.  With all you have on your to-do list it, you may think it hard to find the time needed to pamper yourself and be all-that-you-can-be.  With today’s technology, it’s easier than you think.  The answer: Injectable Treatments.

Look younger, more rested, glowing…in just minutes. Botox or Dysport can be called on to smooth out those little fine lines or  wrinkles.   Juvederm, Radiesse, and other “fillers” are ideal for erasing or eliminating wrinkles, giving some “plump” to sagging skin, or addressing under eye circles, bags or hollows.  Affordable combo-treatments can prove effective, almost a “liquid facelift”…with no down time.  Typically in less than 15 minutes, these non-surgical procedures can produce results that are visible immediately and last for months.  The Chill-O Soft-sided Gel Pack is ideal for  cold therapy applications,  after injections, minimizing swelling and bruising.  Give yourself an early present; be holiday-ready in no time!

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